Event Schedule

Please note:  All times are estimated.  We reserve the right to pivot during the day, should the need arise.

Morning Session starts at 10:00 am!  Lunch pre-orders available for pick-up between 11am-1pm.

The first 50 attendees receive a FREE GIFT BAG filled with goodies donated by our vendors and sponsors.

10:00am:  Welcome!  Learn about our host, The Oklahoma Center for Wellness Association.  Silent Auction Opens.


With our MC, the fabulous Alyson Short!

Alyson Short is an ambassador for Christ, a law enforcement wife and a mother of 2 free spirited, independent girls. She has been a Young Living member since 2014 and has been leading her own business since 2016 reaching the rank of Silver along the way. Working a full time position in a non-profit organization for the majority and now for a family-owned business that keeps her quite busy but very fulfilled while her YL business continues to grow. She enjoys tending to her family’s first generation garden and helping her two daughters grow in to strong, independent disciples.

Andrea Reed The Holistic Women's Wellness Event free event Tulsa

10:30am:  Andrea Reed:  “Ancestral Clearing: Resolving the Past So We Can Move Forward”

Learn what Ancestral Clearing is, why it is so important to clean up the past, and enjoy a sample session during this mini-workshop.


11:30am:  Dr Debbie Kucharski:  “What Women Need”

 Dr. Deb is a mom of two daughters and grandma to her first granddaughter. After a life-changing experience with chiropractic at 16, Dr. Deb has dedicated her life to helping people along the path to their healthiest selves through chiropractic and wholistic practices.


Margie Day, ND, The Holistic Women's Wellness Event free event Tulsa Broken Arrow

12:00pm:  Margie Day, ND:  Live Blood Cell Analysis

Margie Day, N.D. is the Mother of 3 children and grandmother of 6 grandchildren. She started Pure Radiance, Inc. a nutritional and skin care company over 25 years ago as single Mother of 3. Margie has written 2 books “Your Face…Revealing the Hidden Secrets of Radiant Health” a fun and educational book about knowing and taking responsibility for your health and your loved ones. Her book “Women Who Win” is based on 10 biblical principles that Margie applied to her own life to fulfill her dream of starting Pure Radiance, Inc. Margie has a passion for helping women to be healthy and knowing that God has a purpose and destiny for their lives.


12:30pm:  Shelly Wilson:  “Embracing the Magic Within”

Join Shelly Wilson for an inspirational and empowering talk intended to remind us of the power we behold. Through positivity, authenticity and heart-centered consciousness, Shelly aims to assist us with acknowledging and integrating this expansive, magical energy, so that we can create and truly live a life we love – a life with passion, presence and purpose.


Dr Whitney Ellsworth, Balanced Pelvic Health and Physical Therapy The Pelvic Mechanic The Holistic Women's Wellness Event free event Tulsa Broken Arrow

1:00pm:  Dr Whitney Ellsworth, DPT: “Pelvic Floor Health”

Dr Whitney is a Physical Therapist with a specialty in helping moms from pregnancy and beyond, and women with pelvic pain.


Sharla Ember Healy Frequencies

1:30pm:  Sharla Ember: “Quantum Healing for the Quantum Age”

Quantum physicists are now discovering what energy practitioners have known for ages — that the core of everything is vibration. Furthermore, recent scientific discoveries are unveiling that dis-ease is a circuitry issue within our energetic body. Whether it’s physical or emotional healing that we need, recognizing and learning to tune our energetic biofield will help us heal and reconnect with the infinitely powerful being that we truly are. In this workshop, Sharla Ember presents the impact that frequency has upon our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well as the cutting-edge, wearable Healy frequency device that communicates with our biofield and brings the power of frequency healing into our own homes. We are electromagnetic vibrational beings and treating our ailments with vibration is the quickest and easiest way to living in harmonious alignment with health and wholeness.


Martina Aumua, The Holistic Women's Wellness Event free event Tulsa Broken Arrow

2:00pm:  Martina Aumua:  “Love, Money, and Beliefs.  3 Keys For Starting Over Again”

Learn how to raise your frequency around your beliefs, around money, and self love.

Martina Aumua is a certified Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer, with over 20 years in personal development learning and teaching and has recently retired after over 30 years of teaching classical dance.


Dr Whitney Ellsworth, Balanced Pelvic Health and Physical Therapy The Pelvic Mechanic The Holistic Women's Wellness Event free event Tulsa Broken Arrow

2:30pm:  Dr Whitney Ellsworth, DPT: “The Missing Links in Restoring Core After Baby”


Leigh Ankrum, The Holistic Women's Wellness Event free event Tulsa Broken Arrow

3:00pm:  Leigh Ankrum “The Real Source of Pain”

Director Leigh Ankrum, CNMT, CSST is a bodywork practitioner with over 32 years of experience in teaching and private practice. Her international training in anatomy, physiology, and modalities from Rolfing to biodynamic craniosacral therapy is centered in and deepened by her holistic understanding of the body’s organizing principles. She will be speaking about women’s pelvic floors and how variations in the position of the uterus can effect the body, childbirth and menses.


3:30 pm:  Final Giveaways, Closing Messages, and THANK YOU!  Plus some special announcements.